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Wooden type from the depths of the library

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So I have this book called American Wood Type by a man named Rob Roy Kelly. It’s the sickest book I’ve ever held in my hands. I think that over the last year I’ve had it checked out more than I didn’t. I feel bad leaving it on the shelves in the library because, well, I love it so much. It will get lonely. Renew, renew, renew. At one point I photocopied the whole thing.

I have a show coming up and I’ve been type pulling from this book to create big drawings. I guess they’re just phrases. But I drew ’em so they’re drawings.

THEN I discovered that the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HAS ROB ROY KELLY’S WHOLE COLLECTION. In person. Live, wood, in the flesh. The tree flesh.

And someone in their printmaking department made specimen sheets for ALL OF EM. And posted them to the internet. (Specimen sheets are printed/digital examples of a whole typeface)


Now I’m not so nervous to return this book.
Though someone put my name into the library system as a Graduate Assistant so I get six-month loans. Ha! This book is staying with me until July. Sweet.

Check out that link above if you want to see all the glorious typefaces. Because the book is $100+ and rare. And I have the PSU copy til July, so…. the internet might be your best bet.

(And come to my show. See the drawings I made. And lots of other good stuff.)



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Stolen from the homie “Lamont”.

Also, peep the new banner I just finished.

80 Blocks from Tiffany’s

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1979 South Bronx. Peace to the Savage Nomads but especially to the Mini Nomads.

“He pushed me so I was like that’s cool I’m going to shoot you now”

KLC Radio Got Shirts Made…

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We got my design printed by Printed Matter in Portland.  I’m super happy with how they turned out.  Watch out for Hip-Hop-Boombox-Man, hes a real livewire.

If anyone wants one, or wants a design made, hit me up!

King Benny 1993-2009

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A dog well deserving of a tribute.  Located in the Mission in SF on Poplar St. between 25th & 26th.

Tuan Anh remains shrouded in make-up and mystery

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Receiving wads of cash at a recent signing:

The white tiger of Saigon and his crew rapping in: SUPERSONIC

getting flowers:

Back in the day:

more rapping:

It would be awesome to make a Street Thunder documentary/biopic, but those Northwest Vietnamese casino concerts that he seems to be a big-act in always cost hundreds of dollars and I don’t see myself being able to stare into eyes that rest below such well manicured upper-facial hair… If anyone out there has any interesting insights or information on Tuan Anh in any medium, please let us know.

Complaint runs deep in the rivers that are my family’s heritage

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My mom complains in the 90’s.