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Cutty Skating with Malcolm

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footage from the TL and Chinatown in SF.
Cutty Skating with Malcolm, originally uploaded by TOTAL SHREDDAGE.


For Grave Digger, slayin females in the NYC arm wrestling circuit since arm wrestlin was, couz

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Because someone needed to make a whole movie about arm wrestling, replete with montage after montage and motivational music, I give to you, ‘Over the Top’

And if you ladies are feeling left out, know that male domination of the sport is a thing of the past, just look at these “ladies”:

p.s. that dude counting in the beginning totally gets with both of them after I bet

Weekend Adventures: The River Queen

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The River Queen was built to ferry passengers from San Francisco to Oakland and back around the 1920s (runnin from memory on these dates so forgive me if they aren’t exact). It was moved up the coast to Portland in 1937, where it was remodeled “in greater splendor than before” and used as a floating restaurant. Thanks to Caitlin and Ryan for the spot.

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures

Oldies from the archives

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The Dixons and the Fischers were rad. They’re the peeps on my grandmother’s side, from Long Island and Southern California. The photographs that keep emerging of them are pretty awesome.

Here you will see my great grandmother in dental school in LA in the 1920’s. She’s the only woman in her class, there on the left. They are all standing around a rotting cadaver. If you click on the photo it will get bigger and you can see that it is, in fact, a cadaver.

Here you will see a newspaper clipping about my grandfather getting in a fight with a streetcar conductor who insulted him. Whoops!

Here is a picture of my great, great uncle Art on a motorbike in San Gabriel, California. He later moved to Puerto Rico to propagate freesias and ended up staying for 30 years.

The Temptation of St. Anthony

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Oil on Canvas. 93″x93″.
I took quite a bit of influence from Heironymous Bosch and Matthias Grünewald for this one, trying to come up with some kind of personal interpretation of the story and depictions of the temptation of St. Anthony.
This painting along with one other one which i’ll put up soon is going to be on display for my Senior Art Exhibition up in Portland, Oregon at Lewis & Clark College. There’s going to be an opening next friday from 5-7. If you’re in Portland come check it out!!! It looks much better in person.

Slamdance Cosmopolis

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Two very fine investigations/explanations of the inner dynamics of the circle pit.  You might even learn a thing or two…

“a life of pacifism, quiet contemplation, male bonding and vegetarianism is preferable to a life of violence.”

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Coincidentally, I too watched a hippie western recently.  This one is called Zachariah.

It had a funny American Hippie in Israel vibe goin, is suppozably based on ‘Siddhartha’, and I guess is one of the first ‘acid westerns’, definitely the first ELECTRIC western.  Also, in keeping with my drum-solo themed posts, Elvin Jones, drummer for Coltrane, Mingus and others, is in it, and he gun-duelz mad foolz and his drum skillz made me droolz. Check it:


P.S. please watch the a movie called The Best of the Best, you won’t be disappointed