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Recent Cats

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Been up in a lot of cat business lately.

This is Libby. She belongs to Dana. She is super old but she is also going very hard for her age. Dana recently shaved her too, which apparently is the “Manhattan Style”, and she says that she is sure she feels sexy now that she is shaved.

This guy lives somewhere around my apartment and he jumps up onto the window sills of the ground floor windows. He clearly lives the life of the streets, as you can see in his gaze, but he also seems to be pretty down-to-earth at the same time. Like I’m pretty sure he gets his hustle on but he could also probably catch you some dinner and then eat it for you while he sits next to you on the couch. He’s tight.

This is Fannie. Actually now that I write it I’m not sure whether its Fannie or Frannie. I think its Fannie. She belongs to Scott and lives with Scott and Genevieve. She is on usual kitten status, and is wild and crazy bouncing off the walls. She’s also hella cute. In this picture she’s busy being crazy.

The Ultimate King, this is Seymour in case ya’ll can’t recognize him. He remains a total boss, except that I’m sad to report that Genevieve thinks he might have cancer. All cat sicknesses seem to manifest themselves in the same way anyway, but suffice it to say that he hardly ate for like 2 months and he is super super skinny compared to his former rotundity. I can remember the days when I spent afternoons spinning him and pushing him across the thick blue carpet at the Long Street House. He may yet get better, but if not at least we can be sure that he has been ruling for all his life.


Crap Graffiti

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A website that made me laugh a lot. Plus its nicely designed. Suits all parties involved.

Panoramas, subway adventures

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I still miss my bike (on its way right?) but subways are helping with the separation anxiety. A few things from today:

Alone on the G
Alone on the G ps

BTM does Manhattan
BTM wall ps

City Livin
City livin

Metal Giants
Metal Giants

Dead but Dreaming
Dead but Dreaming


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Watain knows…

Watain pushes the realness


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Honestly, there was much about this movie that I found kind of silly. It has a great aesthetic though, one that is good for inspiration. Directed by Godfrey Reggio, yet another famous New Mexican. Cool soundtrack by Philip Glass. I think the movie is most accurately described as an exploration of slow motion and sped-up footage. One of my favorite parts is that it credits five different “Hopi Prophecy Consultants.” There’s also a scene where they show some casino signs from Carson City, and footage of driving along the Embarcadero Freeway before the ’89 quake took that bitch out. I bet it would be great on mushrooms, or probably even just really stoned, so I suggest all ya’ll back in greenery-ville drop by Movie Madness and roll up a thick one on the way home. It’s also available on jah internets.


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Idea for this post jacked from Max, because I found the video on his favorites. I have been doing some research in honor of my love for weed. Did you guys know that Jello Biafra was a founding member? Did you guys also know that they have had members who have played in pretty much every band ever? To name a few examples, members of Brujeria have gone on to such projects as: 1349, Dimmu Borgir, Testament, God Dethroned, The Black Dahlia Murder, Fear Factory, Faith No More (Stay the fuck out of the Yamaha store…), Carcass, Napalm Death, Cradle of Filth, At The Gates, Drop Dead, Resistant Culture, Leaves Eyes (Double Whammy on this one, if you can recognize where this girl has already appeared on the list), and Phobia (Longest dreads outside of Shadows Fall?) to name a few. In reality we can’t verify any of this though, because the identities of members are kept highly secret, in the spirit of Mexican Drug Lord-dom. To fully grasp, we turn to the tape (I never noticed that there was foosball in it before). I post this video in honor of Brandon, wherever he may be. I hope that he continues truly to thrash…