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Vape Hard

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Step your vape game up suckas. Shits moved way beyond the PerpVape.


Upsetting Discoveries

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Tonight I went on an internet exploration rampage that spiraled quickly beyond the specified topics of “visual data representation” and “print culture” and out of control into realms unknown. I made several unsettling discoveries that are surely old news to the internet at large, but are new and freightening discoveries for Street Thunder. Has anyone ever heard of this dude Eric Newman before? He can’t even talk, and he looks like an ass. I’ll tell you one thing, there’s no way his synthesizer-composition skills will make steps towards those of John Carpenter.

“They Live” remake might ditch the infamous alien sunglasses

Interviews With ‘The Thing’ Prequel Director and Producers

No word on who might try foolishly to step into the shoes of Rowdy Roddy. I don’t claim to be a cultural expert, and granted I did not previously know that The Thing was a remake of a 1950’s movie made from a 1938 novella, but this bro should stick to just doing a lot of cocaine, and stay away from this particular territory.

Totally Dope


Total Dope

That cutty dude on the left is pretty serious though, in spite of the fact that I can’t remember at all what he is from.

Also granted a producer is something different than a director. Whatever.

A lot of information was stumbled upon this day. I’ll make moves to get it out on here soon.