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doomII fatalities

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skip to 59 seconds…



European Roads (particularly Belgium and Holland)

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A quick and enlightening photo in regards to our curiosity about brick roads in Europe. The more you know…

“Painting and Skating with a dumb mask.”

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Some cool dude made this it is good.

Nice Dumb Mask.

Do you understand…

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how much tighter Portland used to be?

Springwater Corridor over UP (then SP) Mainline

The French

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Since max loves em so, check out this funny french documentary about NY Graf in the 70s. Cool footage, except the French have this strange way of filming that I can’t really get down with all that hard. They seem to think that they can show slowly-panning footage of skyscrapers for like 10 minutes and then speak over it in some language that no one understands and it will be all good. Not so, good friends! For highlights, be sure to watch for the crew of bearded 70s French New York transplants who for some reason have so much to say about graffiti (again, no one can understand it), and also for the sick “Stoned Bros” piece. There are some good-looking writer interviews too, but of course they went ahead and dubbed them in French. Cue Crossett language knowledge…

Picture 3

smoke on the water

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Rules, and they have cool pants.


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I have no love for the Deftones (drummer is wearing a giants hat), but this sexualization of the library interests me. Of course its nothing new (also, who knew Tina Fey was so dominantly associated with this persona?) I found that its helpful to turn the sound off on this video and put something else. I used His Hero is Gone, which was quite amusing (no offense to HHIG).