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The Ooglization of Wendy

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Wendy and Lucy (2008)
Disclaimer: This movie is not endorsed by Street Thunder! I’m only reviewing it because it was filmed in Portland and so we can have tons of fun and inside jokes with screencaptures (although honestly, it was aight in a low key, animal-relationship type of way, whatever way that is). If you’re reading this blog you most likely won’t like the movie, so don’t watch it.
In the film Wendy’s car breaks down in “Oregon” (Portland) and so for some reason she spends all her time around trains (which is kinda tight) and also has to chill around tons of oogles (I didn’t know what this was until recently) as a result. Eventually, she breaks down and does the dew all for herself. I had fun watching for Portland stuff:

Picture 8
As we all know, opening with trains is always a good move. I recognize this yard, I’ve even been kicked out of it with Max!

Picture 9
One of my favorite benching spots!

Picture 10
The Walgreens where Max goes (and fails) to get his pictures developed?

Picture 12
Benched this here.

Picture 13
The poor girl gets caught racking groceries. Unfortunately, not “being from around here” she doesn’t know that you don’t have to pay for groceries in Portland. You just go to New Seasons and they give them to you for free! (not sure why the “No Money? No Problem!” policy isn’t on that list, since I know it exists)

Picture 16
Evak and the AF running strong! Looks accurate to me. I bet they hired them to do those tags.

Picture 19
Fiya Pon De Govenment, Set Dem FREE!!!

Picture 20
I think this guys kinda famous right?

Picture 21
Look its that bike-selling piece of shit from the Bins!!! “Hey sweetie, grab me a couple 40 oz bottles of that Olde English will you?”-actual quote from him to his daughter(?), heard in the store on 17th and Clatsop in Hellwood.

Picture 23
Same wall has been buffed and rebombed, all in one movie!

Picture 24
I recognize those tracks too! I think that by filming here they were trying to pay homage to another great work shot at this location, Nick’s Mountain Bike Battle of Good and Evil! (teaser)

Picture 26
Gotta love this classic spot. Did you know that in 1989 they entirely replaced the lift span of that bridge, the fourth highest of its kind in the world, in 24 hours?

Picture 27
Now that’s just pretty. This is also one of the few places that I know of around town with Orfn tags still running.

Picture 29
You’re damn right I know this siding, because I’m always frustrated that its only these stupid log-cars that chill there!

Picture 31
Ooglization complete. She won’t go to far though, because trains from here only go to Hillsboro or the Lake Yard. Well maybe if she’s lucky this is the one train per month (or less) that will go all the way to Astoria and then she can kick it with Ahnuld and the Goonies!!

Well I hope you all had fun, because I sure did.


charlie has his poems, and i have my smooth yazz

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Enter Kees Nipius. Just look how rad he is. hopefully i look like this one day.

The Mystery, the Intrigue!

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Hehehe. Hopefully Makuseh can enlighten us about the mysterious nature of this report.

The Last Ride of David Carradine

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Boxcar Bertha (1972)
As I was watching I couldn’t decide at first if this movie was going to come with a Street Thunder recommendation. Then at about 3/4 of the way through though the shit hit the fan and there was no more question. It’s about trains and robbery. What else do you need? Ok then, there’s also nudity, guns, racism, chain gangs, chain gang escapes, gore, freights, hobos, unions, police oppression, more freights, car crashes, destroyed police cars, and did I mention the nudity? The clincher: David Carradine gets crucified to a fucking boxcar. The fact that it’s a Scorsese film (his first feature length production) might also be of minor importance to some people, but whatever.
Picture 10
Picture 12
Picture 15
Picture 17
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 26
Picture 27
I also neglected to mention, through the review or these photos, that the subject is the legendary (unfortunately made up) Boxcar Bertha, a next-level lady who hopped around and robbed people left and right apparently. Martin’s movie though, is more of a study of David Carradine’s character, with the extremely subtle aftertaste of a Christ figure. Few things carry the essence of subtle nuance as does a crucifixion.
I’m thinking maybe we should start a series on unusual/striking movie crucifixions. Someone wanna write something up for Cyborg?

Just because it’s funny

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Andrew is 100% right about the pronunciation of the word “copse.” From the Oxford English Dictionary: copse /kops/ n. small dense forest. No other pronunciations possible, I admit defeat. However, I still do not recognize as an authority.

Cold Steel Black Hearts

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Dudes have been kickin out the video jams lately.

Show some Portland Love

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for one of the dopest blazers. Bill Walton: