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More Library Sex!!!

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Look at this underwear fashion shoot revealed to have taken place at 1) The Brooklyn Law School Library and 2) the New York Transit Museum. These are both places (specifically or generally) where you can find people like (or exactly) me. Look how sexy my life is!!! Look how sexy the library is!!!

No joke everyday at the Transit Museum, and any library, is like this.


Legless Larry and the Lipstick Lady

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Watch it here
1999. The cuttiest Rowdy Roddy appearance?

Picture 9

I’m not entirely convinced. It doesn’t look like him until the closeup on the mouth. Yes homo.

There’s always some time to waste…

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Rattled (1996)

“The enemy is pure poison.” In reality, the enemy is a den of rattlesnakes who are just tryin to chill until some asshole builds an “environmentally sustainable” development on their turf and start dynamiting their clubhouse. If we can learn one thing its that nature doesn’t give two shits about how “sustainable” your development is, snakes are still gonna bite your face. Don’t really watch this movie unless you’re severely blunted or something (and one of you is gonna have to watch it soon, I just haven’t decided who will be the victim). You’ll need something to take the edge off. Side note, taking pictures of a projection can turn out pretty cool.

Snake Territory

Bit by snake, Hit by truck. This is what it looks like.

Extreme sports are featured prominently. Please note how the kid on the left is wearing his helmet backwards. This kid is a snot-nosed little gremlin who apparently doesn’t have to listen to what his step-dad says because “he’s not my real dad.” But it’s nothing a few snakes and lashes with a belt can’t whip out of him…

Some lady’s birds get eaten. And then her husband’s face gets eaten also!

One of this movie’s major faults is that there is no nudity! I mean come on, this 1996 belly shirt is surely next level, but you really think it’s gonna make up for that?

Could there be snakes in there?

Of course there could!!

By the end, everyone is trippin balls on snake venom. Damn good way to go out.

You know what, on second thought don’t watch this movie at all. Go download the Manowar discography instead. A much better waste of time.