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RIP Tiger

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A Boy and His Dog (1975):

Long ago, before Street Thunder had even begun their slow, hellish crawl across the streets of this nation toward the goals of total domination, I remember Max telling me about how this was one of his favorite movies. And it’s pretty crazy. Basically Don Johnson walks around post-World War IV Phoenix, which in real life is some dry lake bed just outside of Barstow, right near the “designated rattlesnake habitat” . Apparently in the post-apocalyptic nuclear future that takes hold after the 5-day WW IV, dogs can not only telepathically talk to certain humans but can telepathically sense things as well, which is indicated by some classic beeping and bending sound effects. The real value though, of Don’s sidekick Blood (the real life Tiger, whose death is the greatest tragedy in this revue) is that he can sense females, and in post-apocalyptic (and rapey) Phoenix the only real pastime seems to be finding ladies. Some things never change. Good ol’ Don has a change of heart about one particular broad though, and as a result he ends up following her “down under” to the underground town of Topeka, and this is when shit gets really crazy. From the sound of things, the Harlan Ellison novella is a better product than the movie, although I must admit I haven’t read it yet. The real question through all of this though, is why the film is one of Max’s favorites (apart from being a next-level movie of course). He can probably enlighten us himself, but I think that the reasons are two fold: one being that Don Johnson looks a little like Max in this movie, and the other being that it was filmed in such relative proximity to his favorite place in America. A taste of the action:

Picture 9
Post-apocalyptic Arizona saw a resurgence of Medieval Minstrel Styles.

Picture 13

Picture 15
technotrip (technology, not music)

Picture 16
This is where the whole game changes.

Picture 18
Topeka hasn’t changed much

Picture 20
A post-cannibalism jaunt into the sunset. Towards Needles, no doubt.



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Is the reward for the
World’s richest prize”.

Knowledge GOD! ┬áHaven’t watched this piece yet, but I’m pretty excited.

Peep the trailer

– Nick

Riders of Dissonant Worlds

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Most of you know that Street Thunder stays covering ground from coast to coast to foreign shores. Instead of doing useful things with my evening I made a video with all the bits I had from a while back, and also from right now. It shows Street Thunder doing what they do best–riding forth through the worlds of apocalypse ahead.

Music is “walker of dissonant worlds” by Xasthur. Why can’t more Xasthur songs be like that one?