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Posted in Scholarship on April 19, 2011 by metalcharlie

As scholars, we rarely take material from other sources. This is grabbed from the wzrds gang though, because they are a source well-respected among the scholarly community and because, being filmed in Portland, this must be spread around. Those Street Thunderites still in Portland should probably head down to old town and light up da spliff wif dees rastas:


We Like to Make People’s Ears Bleed

Posted in Films on April 6, 2011 by metalcharlie

Dr Alien (1989)
Andrew’s roommate Sam picked this one up somewhere mysterious, and it sent our minds to somewhere equally mysterious. This movie is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Street Thunder, and for Street Thunder! This geeky kid is chillin in (probably community) college trying to be an accountant or some shit, and then his biology teacher gets run off the road by aliens who actually turn out to be a babe that takes over teaching the class. She doesn’t do much teaching though, she does more wearing-of-frilly-undergarments and experimenting on Wesley by attaching a cutty alien dick to the top of his head and boning him over and over and over and over again. And then all of a sudden all girls want dat Wesley azz! The girl from Repo Man stars! More boobs in one movie than I’ve seen in a long time. He joins a sick Metal Band! WATCH THIS SHITTTT!!!!!