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Riders of Dissonant Worlds

Posted in Adventures and Excursions, Films, Scholarship on March 2, 2011 by metalcharlie

Most of you know that Street Thunder stays covering ground from coast to coast to foreign shores. Instead of doing useful things with my evening I made a video with all the bits I had from a while back, and also from right now. It shows Street Thunder doing what they do best–riding forth through the worlds of apocalypse ahead.

Music is “walker of dissonant worlds” by Xasthur. Why can’t more Xasthur songs be like that one?


The Mystery, the Intrigue!

Posted in Adventures and Excursions with tags , , on January 25, 2011 by metalcharlie

Hehehe. Hopefully Makuseh can enlighten us about the mysterious nature of this report.

Panoramas, subway adventures

Posted in Adventures and Excursions on September 7, 2010 by metalcharlie

I still miss my bike (on its way right?) but subways are helping with the separation anxiety. A few things from today:

Alone on the G
Alone on the G ps

BTM does Manhattan
BTM wall ps

City Livin
City livin

Metal Giants
Metal Giants

Dead but Dreaming
Dead but Dreaming

American Voyage

Posted in Adventures and Excursions with tags , on July 4, 2010 by nicolelavelle

Sup, dudes! Unlike my peely, dry disgusting homies in Europe, I’m heinously connected to the internets while traveling this summer. Though half of our readership is oversees without computer access, I still figured I’d share where I’m keeping track of myself digitally while I roam this grand country.

Peep my tumblr at:

Forgive spelling errors, it’s my clumsy fingers on this phone. Forgive irregularity, sometimes I don’t care enough to stop and update.

Nashville, Tennessee > Greensboro, Alabama > Gordo, Alabama > Atlanta, Georgia > Savannah, Georgia > ?

Street Thunder Saturday

Posted in Adventures and Excursions with tags , on April 11, 2010 by nicolelavelle

We went adventuring to the West and found some good stuff.

We found some seafood. In the forest. Many miles from the beach.

We found a crumbly red house in the forest.

We found this nice view out the window.

Found this black hole encroaching on a galaxy in a bedroom of the crumbly red house.

We found this funny/corny sign in a big old barn.

We found the town of Vernonia, known for flooding, forests, lots of teenagers roaming aimlessly around, and a hardware store that is also a liquor store.

We found Greenman Field, Home of the Loggers.

Charlie is super excited that he didn’t miss the deadline.

The grocery store in Vernonia has some pretty sweet signs painted in their windows.

We went into a pet store and were attacked by these really cute kittens. When the one on the bottom breathed, the one on the top’s little head went up and down. AHHHHH

A nice walk down a giant plank.

A graphic design education. Or something.

A friendly warning. Be careful.

AH why can’t you flip it in wordpress? This is a marker marking another marker.

This house burned up and then leaned to the right.

Documentation of Charlie photographing the panorama in the previous post. In Forest Grove. It smelled like sauteed onions. Yum.

Pay attention to the youth.

Mixed messages, yo.

Someone had painted an amazing likeness of Charlie. Next to this it said “Eat ass.”

Today was Saturday…

Posted in Adventures and Excursions with tags , on April 11, 2010 by metalcharlie

We went adventuring, and got turned all upside down.

The World is too much with Forest Grove

Weekend Adventures: The River Queen

Posted in Adventures and Excursions on March 28, 2010 by metalcharlie

The River Queen was built to ferry passengers from San Francisco to Oakland and back around the 1920s (runnin from memory on these dates so forgive me if they aren’t exact). It was moved up the coast to Portland in 1937, where it was remodeled “in greater splendor than before” and used as a floating restaurant. Thanks to Caitlin and Ryan for the spot.

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures