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Street Thunder Training.

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For proper training technique, please watch this entire video.


“Klunking is muddy in the winter… and it’s dusty in the summer!”

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Aces High.

Dudes are smashing! I love how people are down to wear elbow pads and such but no-one’s interested in a helmet. Great commentary by “the Fish”

Gathering of the Elders

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I have to hope that Lemmy and Ice T got a chance to kick it while filming this video. The real question is, what did they talk about?


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Is the reward for the
World’s richest prize”.

Knowledge GOD! ┬áHaven’t watched this piece yet, but I’m pretty excited.

Peep the trailer

– Nick

More Library Sex!!!

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Look at this underwear fashion shoot revealed to have taken place at 1) The Brooklyn Law School Library and 2) the New York Transit Museum. These are both places (specifically or generally) where you can find people like (or exactly) me. Look how sexy my life is!!! Look how sexy the library is!!!

No joke everyday at the Transit Museum, and any library, is like this.

charlie has his poems, and i have my smooth yazz

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Enter Kees Nipius. Just look how rad he is. hopefully i look like this one day.