Across 110th St.

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Across 110th St (1972)

…is too good to review here. Watch it and get emotional. Plus three days a week I ride across 110th St, so my life must be just like this movie!


Street Thunder Training.

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For proper training technique, please watch this entire video.

“Klunking is muddy in the winter… and it’s dusty in the summer!”

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Aces High.

Dudes are smashing! I love how people are down to wear elbow pads and such but no-one’s interested in a helmet. Great commentary by “the Fish”

Gathering of the Elders

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I have to hope that Lemmy and Ice T got a chance to kick it while filming this video. The real question is, what did they talk about?


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Bird Castle

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Fast Sofa (2001)

I watched this movie last night, and even though it wasn’t particularly amazing I still feel compelled to write a review. I think in this case it is best done through single-object phrases. And thus: Gary Busey’s Son. Cocaine. Pornstar. Crispin Glover. Incest. Exploding Cars. Bowling. Bird Castle. Red-Tailed Hawk. Palm Springs. San Bernadino. Panhandling. Split-Screen. Crispin Glover. Crossbow. Sunglasses. Freedom.

Available for free here

This is what you get

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Hardware (1990)
I found this in a thrift store in Ft Greene and changed the price tag so I could get it for a dollar. (Street Thunder never pays more than a dollar for any VHS. Now you know.) We watched it at Andrew’s house, and not expecting much more than a cheap Terminator rip-off we were mightily impressed. Though the concept obviously bites a lot from Terminator, this film goes to new levels in many ways–mostly in “looking like a 90s industrial music video” kind of ways. But seriously, this shit is dope. I’m not gonna say much more about it, other than it features Lemmy as an aquatic taxi-driver and Carl McCoy as a post-apocalyptic scrap metal collector (only in the future these are called “Zone Walkers” or something). All members of street thunder, get on this.